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What is RentTech?

RentTech - a portmanteau of "rental" and "technology" - describes the rapidly growing technology landscape for estate agents, landlords, and tenants.


But what do agents think about the rising amount of tech solutions in the lettings industry? Are property professionals worried about the rise of AI? And how many agents know what Open Banking is? Find out by reading our report.



What does RentTech mean?

RentTech is any technology that specifically landlords, agents and tenants can use as part of the modern-day lettings process. Almost a third of homes in the UK are privately rented. This means millions of people need to find software and solutions that are relevant for them. 

Is RentTech a sector?

The supergraphic shows RentTech is big enough to be defined as its own, rapidly evolving and changing sector. The RentTech ecosystem has grown so much it is no longer part of PropTech - property technology - but its own entity.

How can RentTech help you?

Agents, landlords and tenants should become increasingly aware of the RentTech, so they can find what platforms are on the market and the best rental technology solution for their needs.  


What types of RentTech are there?

There is a huge variety of technologies that landlords, agents and tenants can use to ensure their lettings journey runs as seamlessly as possible. Many RentTech companies, such as Goodlord, sit under many of these categories - providing an all-in-one service.

The categories we have defined for the RentTech sector are:

Bills and Utilities

Companies that help tenants to simplify or automate their household bills.

Data & Analytics

Estate agents can get more insight about their lettings using these platforms.


Providers that allow tenants, landlords and estate agents to sign documents online.

Financing, Deposits and Legal

Companies that help tenants with their property payments and transactions.

Insurance and Compliance

Landlords and tenants use these companies to insure their property and the contents within it.

Inventories and Inspections

Companies that help to catalogue a property's condition and contents, often before move-in day.

Management and Maintenance

Agents can use these software providers to ensure their property is well maintained.

Marketing and Promotion

Companies that help estate agents to market their lettings to a wider audience.

Marketplace and Search Tools

Software that enables tenants to search for a property or to find a roommate.

Property Management Platforms

Companies that let estate agents manage their portfolio of rentals online.

Referencing and Credit

The RentTech companies that focus on ensuring a tenant’s references are in order.

Virtual Tours and Viewings

Software platforms that provide a tenant with an overview of a property remotely.

Workflow Management and CRMs

Software that helps to automate rental systems - making agents’ lives easier.

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